Are Your For or Against Canada…A Yogi Perspective


This morning I drove my daughter to school.  She gets really anxious if we are running late on any level and to her,  on time is late.  It can be quite stressful to drive her anywhere and the deal we have brokered is she cannot get a driver’s license until she sits patiently with breath Read more…

Your Dream World Is Just About to End


Ahhhhh…finally, I’m snuggled in my cozy twin bed at the Menla Center for Health & Happiness.   as my Kundalini intensive training with Guru Dharam begins to learn to navigate the dream world for productivity, problem solving, creativity, and healing has begun.  I met Guru Dharam when I did my Kundalini Teacher Training in India in Read more…

A Yogi Prayer


Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih Translation: Om, Lead us from Unreality (illusion) to the Reality (the eternal self), Lead us from the Darkness (ignorance)  to the Light (bliss), Lead us from the Fear of Death to the Knowledge of Immortality. Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

Fall Breakfast Treats


Waking up this morning in Ohio to the typical damp and cold of our falls and I couldn’t be more excited.  It’s time to pull out my favorite fall morning meals.  If you are a breakfast skipper, you will never skip breakfast again incorporating Yogi Breakfast into your life.  If you didn’t know you could eat Read more…

Ahimsa Yoga Festival, 7 Day Detox


New friends front he Ahimsa Yoga Festival…   Here is the 7 day detox plan Slideshare I promised you.  Please keep in touch with me and email any questions you have to  I had a wonderful time with you and was quite impressed by your passion and skill.  OM, Pamela 7 day detox or Read more…

The Perfect Class


A friend of mine asked me the other day if I get to many yoga classes.  It’s interesting, owning two yoga studios, you’d think I’d be in a class twice a day, but being in the studios often means, well, work.  While there are classes a pretty much hit weekly, sometimes I want to do Read more…

Mantras for Synchrodestiny


Here is the daily mantra practice for Synchrodestiny I learned from Deepak Chopra.  You can use these mantras as daily affirmation for thought replacement or you can use them as your meditation mantra.  If you feel like using one a week at a time or a month at a time, that’s a very nice practice Read more…

Hope Springs Eternal

It’s our final day of our Teacher Training retreat weekend getaway to Hope Springs Institute in Peebles, Ohio. We’ve called in the transformative energy of Kali by fire in the Spirit House.  We’ve moved our bodies with the Green Goddess in the round studio.  We’ve walked the labyrinth, meditated, and eaten the best food on Read more…

What Do You Worship?


My foot started hurting about a month or more ago and I began to limp around.  I didn’t hurt my foot.  It just started hurting.  So, I assumed whatever was going on in my body had finally gotten bad enough to manifest through my feet.  Trust me, when it gets to the feet it’s bad. Read more…

Chronic Candida or Yeast Infection, Holistic Remedy


Yeast Infections are quite common and mostly easily treatable. That having been said, there are many suffering from chronic Candida and it is debilitating. I’ve worked with many clients who experienced a Western medicinal approach to a situation that included bombarding the system with many rounds of anti-biotic treatment and the end result has been Read more…